Friday, March 15, 2013

NYC: What I Bought

Now THIS is the entry I'm sure you've all been waiting for.

Like I said previously, I spent all of Saturday with Jackjack thrifting. We also hit Anthropologie. On Tuesday I did my notions shopping for my Opening Night Dress 2013. Here's what I got!

Pinafore from a uniform supply company.
I will wear this over things at work to stay clean. 
I tried on lots of vintage dresses.
Jack thought I'd get other things than I did.
I got this because it's super comfy and cute,
believe me.
It also fits me, most of the dresses I tried on
were too short waisted.
Jack to a girl near us "EVERYTHING has ducks on it!...PUT A BIRD ON IT!"
Next thing he touched was this skirt. He's on the fence about it, but I LOVE it!
I just want to wear dresses and skirts all summer, like I do. 
This is an All Saints dress.
Leave it to All Saints to come up with this jankity masterpiece.
Jack convinced me to get it. It's unlike anything I have,
but it's fierce and casual. It needs to be rocked with some insane black heels. 

One of the selling points for me was the defined lower back
 since the waist isn't as trim as I'm used to.
But the small of my back looks phenomenal. 

 Got sequins etc from a trim place in the Fashion District. 
Got double velvet ribbon and good grosgrain from Mood for belts.
flower pot (for flowers!) and a belt from Anthropologie

I talked to girls at church about how having a style/dressing well takes work. It does. It takes a lot of work, esp if you're on a budget. It takes hours, and you have to take time to try things on. Eventually you will hone your shopping skills like Jack and I so you know what you won't like before you try it on, weeding out a majority of the things you won't buy before you try them on. I am a pro shopper, but it still takes time and patience. Somedays it pays off, others it doesn't. 

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