Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fabric Trip!

I went down to Pawnee City and got $2/yd flat fold cottons from the local quilt store today. I'm excited b/c I found some fun prints to make a casual salwar kameez out of! The red I'll use for the salwar and the black floral for the kameez. I don't know if there is enough of the floral, and I've bought a yard of extra red so I think I'll probs trim the kameez with the red, maybe use the red for the sleeves und so weiter und so vort. Aren't I so cool taking picture w/ the quarters?

I'll probs make some sort of summer dress out of this one, but for now the 5 yds of it is perfect to practice my sari draping.

This one screamed 1830s at me, but I don't want an 1830s dress. I did buy it however, I think it would make a cute kurta-esque top w/ pin-tucks or something. Now I get to ship all of these back to Provo!

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