Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Twilight Wedding...

My sister brought to my attention that Entertainment Weekly linked an InStyle article about Bella's wedding dress ( and,,20241149_20299475_20661914,00.html) from Twilight. Disclaimer: I have never read nor seen anything Twilight related. I intend to keep it this way. I'm not as good as my friend Genevieve that read the books just to know how bad they are, and somehow and rather miraculously I haven't been pestered into watching the film.

Anyway, not having read the books, I did read from the EW article about the dress...
we know from the third Twilight book, Eclipse, is an early 1900s design
(with Alice Cullen’s updates) and from the fourth, Breaking Dawn, is
something that makes the bride’s mother say, “You look like you just stepped
out of an Austen movie.”

a) the "early 1900s design" reminds me of Casper, and we all know how I felt about that. Done right "early 1900s" can be great
b) an Austen novel? really? Why can't people get their historical periods right? just because a dress is old doesn't mean it's from an Austen novel or "Victorian" (an era that actually spanned from 1837-1901)

I get really persnickety about costume vocab in books. Do your research people! Unless you want Bella's mom to really sound like she has no idea, which I guess the general public doesn't, so there it is.

Anyway...If you look at the ten designs some aren't that bad. Many follow the modesty standards I outlined in a previous bridal entry. I'm just astonished that InStyle has a whole "Twilight Saga" and that they got 10 designers to design this dress, the likes of Monique Lhuillier and Badgley Mischka even. Oh dear. What has the world come to with all this Twilight stuff? It's not even getting little kids to read like Harry Potter did. It's getting middle school through who knows how old women to read tantalizing vampire fiction. Vampires ARE NOT romantic! They suck your blood! That's not romantic, that hurts. Anyway, my loathing for Twilight aside (I'd probably like the books actually) it gave an excuse for some fun bridal designs.

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