Sunday, August 2, 2009

Modest Bridal

I'm bored, so I should go to bed, but I don't want to.

I took some time last night to catch up a little with I discovered their 'power search' feature or whathaveyou so I went through their bridal. I'm a nut for bridal. I have no plans to get married for years to come, but bridal's so great b/c the color's already taken care of! The trick comes with the modesty standards I choose to live by as outlined by my church requiring sleeves and modest neck and backlines (for everyday, not just bridal). To this end I actually design a lot of bridal on my own, but thought it would be fun to see what's out there on the runways. What I found was intriguing to say the least.
Here are just a few...

LtoR: Lanvin Resort '08-->love the veil. For a Mormon wedding it'd have to be to the ground, but v. simple and sweet.
Givenchy Spring '08 Couture-->Fabulous skirt. I hope it has pockets! The jacket top is a nice edgy look
Chanel Spring '08 Couture-->lovely color, and patch pockets! Gorgeous train, beautifully photographed, but more of a showpiece than viable option for a 'real' wedding
Christian Lacroix Fall '04 Couture-->Oh Christian. The sleeves are of course magnificent, as is the wig, but over the top, delicious however.
YSL Fall '01 Couture--> Precious. Love the veil, love the color, love the ostrich feathers and the fan in front. V. clean and simple.


  1. Shelby! I love this blog and I subscribe now. I hope that doesn't creep you out, but it looks like I am officially stalking you. I love the first dress here, it is so simple yet really beautiful. You could use this for an LDS wedding, just not the actual ceremony. For pictures and a hip hop reception, you would be all set!

    I hope you are having a fun time in Lincoln this summer :)

  2. caren burns! I love that you subscribe. stalk away my darling! let me know whenever you're in provo b/c I'll be back soon!

  3. Those are awful! If forced to choose I would unwillingly wear the last one.