Monday, October 24, 2011

Nathan Gunn Part 2

Ok, so Nathan Gunn, RIGHT?! Here's the article about his performing w/ the MoTab.

I mean COME ON! He's so handsome! And, especially known for his 1) voice and 2) body.
Marth and I sort of can't get enough of how classy he is, and how much he looks like some other men we know...

Like Dougray Scott from Ever After.

Or Russell Crowe, a personal fave.

I mean really, he's just a super classically handsome and manly lookin' dude.

And lest we forget he sings, very well...

Start watching this one at around 1:30 if you want to see some amazing shirtless opera breathing (he's the baritone in the blue).
Watch this one if you want to see Mr. Gunn just be totally adorable.
Accents and musicals? Yep. Lancelot.
As Papageno (yes, in English, but s'ok. I actually saw this on PBS when it came out! who knew...)
And Shenandoah

Just a little handsome and charming.

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  1. You going to get tickets to see him with the MoTab?