Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jason Sudeikis Jack o'Lantern

Yeah, that's right, I made a Jason Sudeikis jack o'lantern. Why? Because he's adorable and hilarious on SNL and I've been watching him as Floyd on 30 Rock all week and Marth and I just think he's grand. And the HAIR!!
seriously, the hair!
and THE perfect pumpkin
I cleaned this pumpkin out the best I ever have, and I've carved lots o'punkins.
I put the picture from above through my photo software and got basically three values then outlined where I'd have them on the pumpkin.
And then you pin it on the pumpkin!!!
Then, using a straight pin, I poked the lines to transfer Mr. Sudeikis' face onto the pumpkin.
See, pokes everywhere!
Then, if you rub flour on the pokes  it fills them and you can see your design better! After that it's just a matter of cutting out the highlights, shaving the medium shades and leaving the skin where you want the darkest parts.
I got some pottery tools to do the shaving bit of it. I wish I'd gotten a small jack o'lantern saw to do the smaller holes, but it all worked out.
workin' away, it took awhile...about 5 hours start to finish
Tada! With the lights on.
such a handsome pumpkin for the porch.
Outside on the porch!! I'ma get a real tea light for the inside so you can't see the giant candle inside.
compare again! not exact, but you got the idea.


  1. I seriously GASPED when I saw the end result!! SOO cute! seriously awesome! super talented Shelby!

  2. You just gained quite a few awesome points.

  3. OK, Shelb, I want to carve pumpkins with you next year!! I need some schooling in the proper way to do it!

  4. Is there anything you can't do? This is amazing!

  5. you should send a picture of that pumpkin to him. He'd be flattered, I'm serious.

  6. This is incredible!