Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Seoul Haul

Shopping in Seoul was out of this world! There's a fashion market which is essentially 4 blocks long and 4 stories high of buildings full of fabric, accessory, and hanbok stalls. It's overwhelming and I so wish I had a show to shop for there! Also in Dondaemun are skyscraper department stores that have the same stall set up. I got most of the fashiony things below at Migliore which is the kind of "hip" building. After we looked around Doota which is the super posh and wonderful building.
Collars were everywhere and I kept telling myself that
I could make them real easy, which is true, but this one's from Seoul!
decorations for the jeogori  of a honbok
everything's Korean silk!

got new buttons for my orange coat and long wool gloves for the winter
uber girly is super popular. I could have bought so much more
along this ilk and have been a happy happy girl

2.5 yds of herringbone, of course I had to get some wool.
I think I'll finally make myself a winter dress.
six pieces of leather. I keep thinking of the collars
and lapels and shooting shoulders I can make!
Ah! I forgot, I also got new paint brushes from a man in a traditional market that makes them himself. So beautiful! Can't wait to use them!

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