Thursday, November 22, 2012

video: things I'm shallowly thankful for

bc like I say in the video, feelings legitimately make me uncomfortable...(I'm working on it, ok?)

but for real, I'm thankful for so many unshallow things this year, however I've been told repeatedly that this blog is uber supercilious, hence a video of me talking, like I always do, enjoy!

also, grateful for:
Downton Abbey
hilarious people (both off the cuff and rehearsed)
dolman sleeves
classy suede
the internet and
Colin Firth

also also, Tess, there's plenty of sideways sniffing in this one!

PS I don't know that Feminists really have anything against corsets, I just had a woman object to lacing me into one once bc she felt like she was reinforcing centuries of female oppression.

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