Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Graham Norton Show

Have you seen The Graham Norton Show? It's a British chat show hosted by hilarious Irish comedian Graham Norton available on YouTube. I've been watching it on and off for a couple of years, but have taken time to watch all of last season over two or three days last fall and just started the tenth series a couple of nights ago. Things that are great about The Graham Norton Show:
Let's start the show!

Graham Norton: frankly, hilarious. His opening monologue introduces the guests with other current news and it's not too long! Graham is incredibly enthusiastic but dry and genuinely interested (or not) in his guests. He's soso clever and quick, I bust out laughing often. He's amazing at keeping the chat going with his guests and always has another topic on hand.
Kate Winslet, Jamie Bell, and Rob Brydon

The guests: What's different and great about this show is that there are three or four guests that all come out at once. Graham spends time talking to each about their respective projects, they tell stories etc and they all respond off each other. It's such a great time! The guests are usually one Hollywood star, one British star (Hollywood optional) and one comedian (usually unknown to me, but that's fun!). The combinations of guests is also a great thing. Some combos are very pleasant and have great chemistry, but it's a RIOT when you've got Bear Grylls between Cameron Diaz and Kathy Griffin, or a Pussy Cat Doll w/ Tom Hanks and Simon Peg, both HUGE Trekies. A musical guest is also included that plays at the end. In cases like Adele, Lady Gaga, or Hugh Laurie the musical guest will sit on the couch and chat for the whole show before and after they perform, otherwise they join the couch just at the end.

Stories from the Red Chair: In the last five minutes of the show Graham gives audience members the opportunity to sit in the Red Chair and tell a story, to which Graham and the guests listen. If deemed unsuitable for any reason, any reason, Graham flips them off the chair. It's pretty great.

Favorite Graham moments:
:-: reading cue lines from Much Ado About Nothing to Catherine Tate and David Tennant to see if they've memorized their lines.
:-: Tom Hanks and Simon Peg debating Star Trek trivia as they quiz each other.
:-: Adele, her whole episode was hilarious, she's hilarious.
:-: Graham reading a couple's iPhone texts to each other in front of them.
:-: Graham and Liza Minelli, he adores her, and she was on something...
:-: Graham's suits, there's really nothing you can say to make you understand how fabulous some of them are.

It's all just such a fun romp! I love it.

Includes adult content (remember this is British primetime).

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  1. well i'm officially hooked. I just spent the last hour watching episodes on youtube. Like I need another British television program to be addicted to. (But I love it!) And I love you darling! Miss you!