Saturday, October 10, 2009

too horrible by half: eyeliner gone bad

Oh eyeliner, oh how oh how it can wreck your whole face.

I have small eyes, I also have purple bags under my eyes. I've come to accept the fact that eyeliner is not my friend. In fact, unless I'm as chipper as a new born goose (b/c I'd assume they're chipper) and use permanent marker my eyeliner will move and make me look like a insomniac domestic abuse victim. I think that this is a fact that many women refuse to accept about their own eyeliner usage. The days of all over eyeliner should be over. You're not in middle school anymore.
BAD BAD BAD Too much eyeliner, and too dark. If you're fair, try a brown shade.

Here's a tip, and what I do that works wonders: only put your eyeliner on your top lid, starting in the middle and going out (see below). You don't need any more than that! This opens up your eyes and if you want to get really fancy, make it thicker at the corners and maybe add a little to the bottom lid, but that's enough. Seriously, unless you have Bambi eyes, eyeliner is not meant to go all the way around as a day look.

If you insist on framing your entire eye, I can only stress the importance of fine lines and drawing on the ledge. The closer to your eye the better.
This was an experiment I did when I was 17. It took me forever to get the liner that close to my eyes, but doesn't it look great? I also added white shimmer to the inside of my eyes to brighten them. I would never wear this on a normal day. I've ventured this much eye makeup for formal events, but I'm way too big a fan of the natural look to wear so much liner.

Another helpful hint: eyelash curlers! I'd only dabbled with mine until recently, but they do wonders for the size of your eyes. Starting as close to your roots as possible, crimp your lash, then work the curler out and up to get a smooth curl. So great!!

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  1. I need help with my eyeliner!! I haven't figured out the best way to use it on me, so I've given up. Not that I wear makeup that often anyway...