Sunday, October 4, 2009

too horrible by half: tights and shorts

Sarah, my bestie in Paris, tipped me off to this trend. Actually v. popular at BYU two years ago, this fad is rampant in France's capital. I'm all for tights, in moderation. I should add them to my wishlist, but there is a time and a place for tights, and the only time for tights with shorts was fourteen years ago on my first grade teacher, w/ loafers as well. This trend makes me think of the cover of my pattern making book portraying a stylized fashion sketch. The figure in question is wearing a ridiculous outfit, including spotted tights with a mini skirt. These tights make it seem like the model is stricken with chickenpox from the waist down. We can see that the girl to the far right above has lobster-itis. This trend just shows too much tight. If you're going to wear short shorts, which I don't agree w/ on account of my modesty standards, show your legs, not some technicolor disaster a la Elphaba from Wicked. Our kids are mos def making fun of us for this one.