Thursday, June 21, 2012

Atticus Finch is THE sexy dad

I have a new movie trailer to talk about at some point, but I just have to GUSH about the Utah Shakespeare Festival's production of To Kill A Mockingbird which I saw the first preview of tonight.

Woof. Seriously, so so good! I love TKAM. I loved it when I read it in eighth grade and I love the Gregory Peck film, both of which I haven't acquainted myself with recently making tonight's performance like remembering a pleasant dream halfway through the day;  recalling bits and pieces of something that makes you smile and that feels familiar. I won't say of course that the play is about anything pleasant, but seeing and feeling the story come to life once more was arresting and wonderful.

The play, starting with Monica Bell as Jean Louise (the grown up Scout and narrator), settled into a natural and comfortable rhythm. The events unfolded as they do in the book, through the memories of a child, although in this case retold by an adult. The child actors were endearing and precious, especially Dill. The ensemble was what an ensemble is, not distracting. Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch is the perfect father. I find him absolutely sexy. I find patience, uprightness, courage, love, and affection absolutely sexy and Atticus Finch is the ultimate of all of these. Played by Martin Kildare, Atticus has a softness but strength, all at once gently and deftly guiding his children to right and steadfastly and unflinchingly guiding the jury and courtroom with his undeniable congeniality and strength. I'm trying to be oh so eloquent but I just don't have enough words for Atticus Finch, nor Kildare's portrayal of him.

The story of course gets me, how could it not? My biggest take away however is Atticus' example of fatherhood. I was most touched by his interactions with the children and lost my mind when Atticus starts shouting after Jem is brought home and he can't find Scout. That tore me up like nothing else to that point had. It was all just so so phenomenal, truly.

I've seen all the current season but one (taking into account I've only seen crew views of Scapin and Les Mis as I'm back stage), and can't honestly tell you what the must see of the season is. All of the shows are absolutely phenomenal. If you're in the Southern Utah and/or Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, or Nevada area, or want to be you need to come to the festival this season, it is just the greatest, I'm out of words of praise.

Photos of Mockingbird here

P.S. I will say I didn't think the play was hot enough. The Randall Theatre is always freezing and for a Southern play everyone looked fresh as a daisy. I so wanted the court room scene to swelter and to see giant sweat stains when Atticus takes off his suit coat. If only no one would powder off! Oh well, only nitpicky qualm.


  1. You guys are doing two great plays. I'm jealous.

  2. Some people are confused I think...Neither TKAM or Les Mis were written by Shakespeare. :P