Monday, June 25, 2012

New Opening Night Dress

So I had all those blog entries about the leopard print opening night dress that I was making and believe me, I've been excited about it. I bought some nude pumps to wear with it last Saturday as the opening is quickly upon us (this Saturday). But then friend Christina texted me a picture of a beautiful 40s dress at a consignment shop and called me and wouldn't hang up until I'd promised to get in my car and come try it on, so I did, and I bought it, and it's beautiful and it fits me perfectly, I just need to turn up the hem. Christina has a picture of me in it I'll try to post later. You better believe there will be red stain on my lips and gobs of curls on my head. This is going to be a great party bc I'm going to look so good. Ug, can't wait until Saturday!

Also, I think black is a good choice bc I'm not sure the actors would recognize me out of blacks ;). ULTIMATE DRESS BLACKS!


  1. I want a picture of you in it :). Good luck this weekend. I'm sure your actors will look fabulous!!!

  2. I was excited about your leopard dress. :( Maybe I'll like this one better after seeing it on you.

    PS...your room is super clean now.