Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My hairs recently

I found some photos of a braided circlet I did this summer and last week I blew out my hair and straightened it (which I do about twice a year) to get a gauge on how long it's getting. Here are the photos.

The style was three braids, this one really shows the (natural) blonde streak I have at the base of my neck and my curl Shirley at my temple.
I really was just experimenting, so I it's hard to tell how I went about doing this.
Hopefully I ended up tucking that tail in...Lots of bobby and hair pins. I do my braids wet bc my hair's really sleek. I then hit them with a butt ton of hairspray while wet so they stay bc as they dry they shrink and can fall out.
This was me Freshman year of college. The original haircut was shorter of course, and I usually didn't comb it this way, but you get the idea of how short my hair was.
My hairs now, after 4 years. I'm growing them out another year then will donate. I don't normally part down the center as it is much darker since my natural highlights are on my side parts.


  1. My hairs were getting long...and I couldn't stand them any more because it took so much time to do, and I didn't have any natural curl/wave to make it look good if I didn't do it. Sad. Glad your hairs are long. Let's get pixie cuts together. I'm craving SHORT hair.

  2. I'm gonna go to a midneck bob so I can do some fingerwavage for awhile, then I'm going pixie so I can do some parrot-hawks.

  3. 1. the braid crown is soo gorgeous and i'm jealous you have enough hair to do it.
    2. i loved your hair short. you rocked it
    3. your long hair is sooooo glamorous/foxy.
    4. you're a diva. don't stop.

  4. Holy Goddess!! You look fantastic! super long!!