Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Songs of the Last Six Months

Here are the songs I either couldn't get enough of, or couldn't get away from in the past six months.

Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain and Tennille. This played at the end of every Scapin. Good memories.

I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. This also played at the end of Scapin. We'd finish David's change then dance party with Matt and Kristen. Also good times.

Dynamite by Taio Cruz. This ALSO played at the end of Scapin. Kristen'd throw Matt's cassock at me  every performance at "hey-oh, Galileo!" then I'd dance to this until we got house when I was upstairs getting David's hat.

What Makes You Beautiful by One Directions. Literally listened to this on repeat for 4 hours of pie making, and also other times.

Prima Donna by Marina and the Diamonds. I saw Marina and the Diamonds on The Graham Norton Show at the beginning of the summer and listened to them for a solid month. She's a great performer.

Send Me No Flowers by Nellie McKay. Introduced to Nellie this summer. I love this song.

Babel  by Mumford and Sons. This was a M&S fall for me. I love them, they are note and wordsmiths. I heard Babel from their new CD on SNL and I LOVE the drive of it!

Some Nights by Fun. Talk ab drive. I also discovered Fun. this summer, like everyone else in the world. I listened to Some Nights on repeat yesterday during my 14 hour drive. It just gets me going! The whole album is great.

Hey Ho by The Lumineers. Heard this in the gym way back when I went to the gym before fall build pooped on my dreams of fitness.

Trololo  by the Trololo Guy. This was dressing room #1's anthem. That or anything early 2000 boy band.

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  1. I like One Direction more that I feel I should. Lol