Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh the places I've been!

Last year I had 18 travel days with the longest stay between them being 3 months and the average being about 3 weeks. Needless to say when I got a 6 month contract I was more than happy to be in one spot for awhile. However, this one spot is living and working with the same people and I love them dearly, but as happens with this kind of contract I think we're all ready to get going. That being said I'm ready to travel s'more! First stop Seoul, South Korea! After that I've got my baby brother's wedding in California, trips to grad schools and to top it off a trip to NYC in the spring to visit my bestie and other friends. Then I'll be back here, :)

BUT, where was I last year? and the years before that? In the past two years I must say that I've been quite the traveler and I love it!
Met Toby Stephens in London 5/10
 Met some horses in London 
 Went to Bath
 Moonwalked at Stonehenge
 Went to the London Temple
 Saw LOTS of lakes in Grasmere, England
 Kenilworth Castle
 Blenheim Palace (with matching Richie)
 Grumpy times in Oxford, also hit up Stratford-upon-Avon
 Times in Paris for research
 Stop off in Bern, Switzerland
 Swiss Temple, hit up Germany as well
 Back to school for my Senior year....
L.A. in 2/11
Southern UT Summer of '11
USF 50th! 
St. George Temple 6/11
 Illinois 7/11
Nebraska 8/11
USF fall build 8-9/11

Worked at BYU, lived with Marth 9-11/11
Disneyland/L.A./San Degio/Orange County Thanskgiving '11
Worked the USF educational build in Cedar 1/12
Lived with my sister in Payson 2/12
Competed in Ogden 2/12
Visited friend Colette in Boise 3/12
Saw Sister Lamb in Omaha 3/12
 Went to Washington DC 4/12
 won some stuff at KCACTF
Then I lived with my sister for like a week then came back down to Cedar.

How many places can I visit in the next six months?! You know, with the gobs of money I have...

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