Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've been waiting to blog ab this until my friend posted the links himself.

I recently completed a portrait of my friend Matt for the cover of his book. Matt's wonderfully talented and I was super happy to do a portrait for/of him. Check it out. It's on my website, but here are some process photos as well. I hadn't done a portrait in YEARS but it was like riding a bike, only like I had extra BMX powers or something. It was interesting to draw a face I'm very familiar with in real life, as I'd only done celebrities to this point. So here it is in process, and the finished product, all property of me of course. And a link to Matt's book, Edible Origami.

I had a picture to look off of, of course, but it's not mine so I haven't posted it. I used an art grid on the piece of paper underneath which is SO helpful and I'm sure why it went so well. By putting it underneath you don't need to worry about erasing it. For a thicker paper I'd prefer to have a light box, otherwise I'd have to draw it directly on. For canvases you have to. You can see the grid a little on the first couple, and I put hashes where the intersections are to keep it in line, which of course are erased later. I got brand new art pencils and erasers for this and was giddy when I got them! I haven't bought new pencils in probably 6 or 7 years!

still start with the eyes like
Mrs. Claus taught me
paper towel to keep my hand
and the paper clean

put in the hair line,
 then decided we liked it better unfinished
I'm a big fan of the shadow that the
hairline left.This is it more or less
finished. I cleaned up the white, pumped
up some shadow, and signed it of course.
I love taking process photos bc it shows how I've tweaked and futzed. Rarely am I 100% happy with any of my projects, but this is as close as I've come. I'd say 95%, and that's just because if I was 100% happy I'd have nothing to aspire to for next time!

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