Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Conversations with children about my love life

I stopped posting on my other blog, but was looking at it the other day and came across these gems: Conversations I had with my niece and nephews while I was living with my sister Ashley last year. Priceless.

Emily (7): Aunt Shelby, why don't you have any kids? 
Ashley: Bc she doesn't have a husband. 
Me: Bc I'm not married. 
Emily: Why don't you have a husband? 
Me: Bc I haven't found a guy to marry yet. 
Tyler (5): You haven't found a guy that's cool enough? 
Me: Yep. 

At breakfast. 
Tyler: When are you going to fix you hair? 
Me: After my shower. 
Tyler: You haven't showered yet?! 
Me: No. 
Tyler: Bc your hair is all...weird and mom has one of those things that makes your hair flat. Do you? 
Me: Yes, but I don't use it very often. 
Tyler: oh. 

While looking at facebook photos of some guy friends. 
Owen (3): Which one of those guys are you going to marry? 
Me: None of them 
Owen: Bc you hate them? 
Me: Sure. 

Conclusion? If you're not cool enough to marry me I hate you.

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