Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faces I Love

Friend Jack and I were talking last night at work ab attractive people. He's very picky, and I can appreciate a symmetrical face, but at the end of the day I like the faces I dwell on to have character. As luck would have it I have a Pinterest board for this very topic! It's mostly of men bc duh, that's what I'm drawn to, but there are some ladies as well. I could post some pictures of some of my friends but I don't want to embarrass them :)

Alan Rickman
just Alan Rickman
John Krasinski
guy next door adorableness
Stephen Fry...
Jack knows how I love a good crooked nose
Patrick Dempsey...
Can't Buy Me Love
the original Neville Longbottom transformation
Paul Newman, duh
JJ Feild...
his ears are HUGE and stick out
Love them.
Steve McQueen...
basically average, except for you know,
Russell Crowe....
I don't want to hear it Nick
or from anyone else, he's mmmm
Anthony Hopkins
so much character in his face
David Tennant
weirdly alluring
Hugh Laurie
has DEFS gotten better w/ age
Jason Sudeikis
I made him into a jack-o-lantern
of course I love his face.
Yul Brynner
Russian masterpiece
Martin Freeman
maybe the best face ever, such a Watson
Cate Blanchett
I think she's beautiful
Tom Hanks
you're unAmerican if you don't like this face
Kate Winslet
always stunning and classy
Tina Fey
My hero, it hurts bc I'm not her best friend
Winston Churchill
such a great mug
Emma Thompson
Peter Lorre
one of the most interesting faces 
Consuelo Vanderbilt
tragic beauty
Rosemary Kennedy
the most tragic beauty
Benedict Cumberbatch


  1. Is Peter Lorre the "doctor" from Arsenic and Old Lace?

    1. yes, and he's in Casablanca and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and M and lots of stuff

  2. Isn't that Rosemary Kennedy, not Clooney?

    1. was thinking Kennedy the whole time, typed Clooney