Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Pascal's Halloween"...yes, as in Blaise Pascal

This is a story I wrote in like 3rd grade that I just found and which I vividly remember writing after learning about Pascal's Triangle.

It was Halloween and Bobby's parents were at a party (deadbeats). Bobby was getting ready for trick or treating when he got a call. He heard a low deep voice on the other line (why did he answer the phone when he's home alone?!). "You got a F in math, right Bobby." After a while Bobby forced himself to speek. "Yes" said Bobby in a high shaky voice. "Who are you?" Bobby asked. "I am Blaise Pascal." "But you died along time ago." "I know." With that knews Bobby hung up (I knews it!).

After a couple of houses Bobby saw a man dressed from the 16 hundreds, but he wasn't a man you could see right through him (hold on, what?). Bobby knew who it was. It was the triangle wiz Blaise Pascal (The Wizard of Triangles!). Bobby ran to the next house when the door opened Bobby saw Pascal behind the man at the door.

After two hours of seeing Pascal in every triangle he gave up, and went home.

As soon as Bobby walked into his room he saw Pascal. Bobby ran to the door but he was too slow (shouldn't he have been at the door already?). Pascal grabbed him by the arm opened the window and flew out (Ghost of Christmas past?!). Right after Pascal grabbed Bobby he fainted (wimp).  When Bobby woke up we was in an old mansion with ghosts all around him. Then he saw Pascal. Then Pascal introduced Bobby to the group of ghosts. Then Pascal took Bobby by the arm and lead him to a room with a table and a chair. Then for one hour Pascal tought  Bobby all about math (WORST Halloween EVER).

The next day Bobby got a B in math (I guess Pascal couldn't get him an A...). After school Bobby went to his room where Blaise Pascal was waiting (creeper). Bobby thanked Pascal then he vanished (Bobby or Pascal?).

The end, and you're welcome.

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  1. Hahahaha! I still want a copy of that book you wrote about all the siblings!