Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fred and Ginger

I feel like even though I posted twice yesterday I should post today even though I don't really have anything to say so....

Semi dress rehearsals for light have started for White Christmas at BYU, which I've been assisting on. Last night I came home from Act 1 and watched clips from the movie with Bing and Rosemary which lead me to Danny and Vera dancing which led me to Vera dancing w/ Donald O'Connor which inevitably led me to Fred and Ginger, so here you go, not the most glamorous costume on either of them (although Ginger's satin trousers are to die for) but the most charming clip of theirs I found last night.

Phil from the show said he'd teach me me to tap, but watching these clips and the MDT kids at school makes me laugh at myself for even thinking about it, although wouldn't it be impressive if I could? I went country dancing once which has almost convinced me that, barring a very tall, patient man being willing to teach me to follow, I'm pretty hopeless at partner dancing. It seems like anything other than jumping up and down and being a goof to techno music (which I LOVE) is out of the question.


Of course I'm also fascinated with Ginger's gowns, and these two of Vera-Ellens. She works them.

Also in the first-->Danny Kaye's matching suit socks and shoes get me every time. If only I had that kind of budget.


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