Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project: V&A Lucile 1910s dress

Do you remember this little number that I'm in LOVE with?
Well, on 11 November Cecile Pelous (page 6), the former first draper at Dior during the best Galliano years, came back to BYU for her third year. She stops by because she's friends with one of my costume professors and she works with students who bring in sketches of what they want to drape. In general if you bring in a really interesting sketch (or in my case my soulmate dress) she'll basically drape it for you. With this dress she had a lot fun (I hope) figuring out the bodice. She went on about how you should really drape in jersey for a dress like this, but it worked out. I learned a lot from watching her and she would have us pin and mark when she went to help other students.
starting with the skirt
the bodice and "sash" are in one piece, the CF really takes a drastic turn to make this happen
Sadly we had to drape on a size bigger than myself because that's the only form we have an arm for.
I did drape the back skirt, so hard, I know.
absolutely every detail needs to be marked bc it's a big fat mess once you take it off the form
DEV is French for CF (center front)
so gratifying and artsy
I have taken the muslin off the form and done the pattern for the bodice and sleeve. It is still a big fat mess. I'm anticipating needing to redrape once the general shape is cut out. I'll post another entry about patterning. I also just got back from the L.A. area and purchased two jerseys from Michael Levine's to do a "mock up" and a final dress. I figure I'll make a dress from the pattern I get then see about scaling it down for my size. Right now I'm just going to make a cocktail length dress bc everything is on the bias and I'm anticipating needing 8-10 yds just for a short dress. Plus, I'm going to struggle to find an occasion to wear it short, where would I ever wear it long? My wedding? yes, but that's awhile off still.

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  1. You need to come visit me because I have some Vintage Vogue patterns I want to make...but need a buddy to help me with it. So, feel free to come crash at our place for a week or two. PLEASE! We could even roadtrip to see Cakes!