Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remind me why I'm not in London?

The BBC posted this article about the Young Vic's current production of Hamlet starring Michael Sheen. Remember how if I was in London I could just GO to these plays on a whim? That there are SO many theatres with amazing actors and plays in London? I've never seen Hamlet live, and while I think I might agree with some of the criques about this production's concept going a bit overboard, I'd get to see Michael Sheen (Wesley SNIPES!) play Hamlet. I was already a year late to see David Tennant as Hamlet, and a year early to see him and Catherine Tate as Benedict and Beatrice. The solution is for me to just move there so I never miss any of these. Also, there is currently the largest collection of da Vinci's at the National Gallery through February, wah wah.

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