Monday, November 21, 2011

thbh: bedazzled and bedecked jeans

As a costume designer I LOVE glitz and glam and any excuse to put sparkle in a show. If you saw BYU's production of Peter Pan you know that Captain Hook is evidence of this. In my personal life however I think that glitz and doo-dads and what nots on clothes should be heavily regulated a la the Coco Chanel rule. It is in this spirit that I abhor the trend of ridiculously decorated blue jeans.
Things that fall into this category? butt pocket jewels and gems, heavy embroidery, those giant yarn type stitches, whiskering and of course unnecessary holes and fraying, basically anything you can find at the Buckle.
And sadly this trend is not just in women's jeans.
I understand that there is a culture of 16 year olds that adore these jeans, mostly everyone in my high school, but I just think for a high functioning adult in a college type or higher atmosphere these jeans have no place in society. Projecting my bias and conservative style views on the world? Most definitely, but that's why it's my blog.

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