Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter dress

I have a lot of summer dresses, and a lot of junior type dresses that I've made in the past out of cutesy cottons and florals. I've been making a shift to more streamlined adult silhouettes in my wardrobe and am looking to make a winter dress (with at least 3/4 sleeves) for the upcoming season. I have some raspberry wool jersey I'm fixin' to use along with some black sweatshirt jersey I was going to use to make a jacket, but I think it might make a really cool formal but cozy LBD. I've gone through the vintage patterns at the costume shop but am not crazy in love with any of them...

BUT on Friday, Cecile Pelous, ex first cutter/draper at Dior (all of your favorite Galliano years) is making her annual visit to BYU to do her workshop, so if I come up with a design I can drape it on Friday under her excellent and watchful eye.

SO...I know I'm usually the one that comes up with the pretty things for you to look at, but if you want to help me out and make winter dress suggestions I'd love it! I'll for sure do research of my own, but would love input and opinions.


  1. I suggest you make me something. I desperately need winter dresses.

  2. Ashley beat me to it...can you make me a dress?? Please!