Monday, November 14, 2011

Kind of a funny story, or two.

My friend Adam works at the Gap and gets me the friends and family coupon so I kind of went ape on Saturday and bought lots of great stuff, including new jeans! I only buy Gap jeans because their "curvy" doesn't mean junk in the trunk, it's white girl curvy, which is basically just hips in my case. AND they carry longs in the store. So I was super excited to wear my new jeans yesterday BUT the security tag was still on, bummer. When I went to get the receipt so I could bring them in today I noticed I wasn't even charged for them! I ACCIDENTALLY STOLE GAP JEANS! Kind of hilarious, but obnoxious bc I had to go back and pay for them. But that's all done with and its kind of a funny story.

STORY 2: My sister Ashley's kids wrecked her copy of Emma with Romola Garai so she bought a new one and said I could have the other one. I was already at the mall and had it in my bag so I asked customer service ab DVD stores and they said the only one they had was Gray Whale. Oh Gray Whale. The only thing I know/remember about Gray Whale is that my oldest brother Jeremy would spend his paycheck there every month in 1994 and had a Gray Whale sticker on his footlocker. I walked in and an start laughing at myself so hard because I'm carrying my Gap bag wanting them to fix BBC's Emma for me and of course it's Gray Whale so there's hard core music playing and there are hooligan looking teens about and I'm just cracking up. BUT, of course the large strawberry blonde man at the register with bright red gauges was THE nicest and said that he couldn't fix Emma bc it was too far gone, but he could order me a used copy from Ogden, which I agreed to. The guy getting Emma from Ogden over the phone was like "It says it's under comedy, but I don't think that can be right." Little does he know.  Meanwhile, I've been meaning to get an original Nintendo since I learned that the BYU Bookstore has them for $40 so I asked if they had one. They did not, but the Ogden store does and for the same price SO, I ended up with a new (used) copy of Emma AND an original Nintendo, which I will pick up on Wednesday. Next purchase? Super Mario 1 (with Duckhunt) and Super Mario 3, Excite Bike and 1942.
STORY 3: just happened. I took a phone survey rating my recent customer service call to Sprint and the survey's voice was Canadian, bahahaha.

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  1. I bought a game for the Wii that I will get for Christmas that has a bunch of original Nintendo games on it. I'm super excited.