Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic: Ep 2&3 everyone survived, minus Mrs. Bates and Paulo, which was dumb, the Paulo part. everyone survived, even Linus Roaches that went into the water and Toby Jones. We basically followed all the people that are pulled from the water or were on the overturned boat...kind of lame.
-Second Officer Lightoller is my hero.
-When was the last time we saw Captain Smith?
-I guess the American boy died, that was sad. I liked him enough.
-So...the Irish wife that wasn't Mrs. Bates was in love with the Russian revolutionary before the boat? And he died...and her husband and daughter died.
-I feel like I know who lived and I guess everyone else died, but not seeing them die made me not really care...
-The third episode with Annie and Paulo was my favorite.
-Finally we saw Molly Brown.
-I really only ended up caring about Annie/Paulo and the valet and the lady's maid. And I wanted Linus Roache to live.

I feel like overall this could have been great with a couple more episodes to really flesh some people out. I guess we got a nice taste, and at the end of the day I liked the patchwork quality of it all, but it just needed a little more. Not sad I watched it, but not really obsessed with is.

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