Friday, April 13, 2012

Nicole Kidman playing Grace Kelly, why not Charlize Theron?

Nicole Kidman it has been reported will play Princess Grace in an upcoming movie about Kelly's life in the early 60s. Yes, Nicole Kidman is pretty, but Grace Kelly was the most beautiful woman in the world, and I can't really think of anyone that has topped her since, barring Charlize Theron, whom I've thought of for years as the contemporary Grace Kelly. I don't know what motivations were behind casting Kidman to play Kelly, but hopefully you all agree with me that Theron has more of the staggering and delicate beauty of Princess Grace.
a younger Kidman
The fairest of them all
so very pretty
Princess Grace in 1963
Side note: Are we supposed to believe that Kristen Stewart in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman has the potential to be fairer than Charlize Theron? Pah-leez.


  1. I see your Charlize Theron and raise you one January Jones.

  2. I've never been a big fan of Charlize Theron's looks. I mean, she's pretty, but I think Kidman is much more delicate and fresh looking, which are two qualities I relate with Grace Kelly. I also think Kidman's the better actor. January Jones is extremely delicate and pretty. She would fit the bill looks-wise, but I'm not very familiar with her skills as an actor.

  3. I don't usually get involved on these blogs but Nicole Kidman is all wrong for the part. Yes, granted her voice can be soft and sweet like Princess Grace had a soft, delicate voice but Charlize Theron almost embodies a figure of "Grace" (no pun intended). When I saw that Dior commercial... it says it all. Charlize Theron looks the part, acts the part... would have loved to see her on the silver screen as Grace, but alas.

  4. Grace Kelly had a soft, delicate natural beauty about her. I adore Nicole Kidman, but her face is way too hard and edgy in many photos. She is pretty, but not "old world" pretty or beautiful. There's a difference. Charlize is gorgeous, but maybe far too sexy, modern sexy to come across as a woman back in the day like Grace Kelly. Marilyn Monroe or one of the other sexy divas back in the day, but not Grace Kelly. She was beautiful, classy. Classy, with a Capital C. There are many actresses today who are sexy, pretty, volumtuous. They lack the class, the "old Hollywood" sophistication that most woman had on a day to day basis in the 30s, 40s, 50s,60s,. Only a few woman seem to possess that "magical allure" today. It is a pity. Class and sophiscation are always more beautiful, than just sexy.