Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Have you seen this show? Bc it's the BEST. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is on TLC and follows Irish travellers and Romany gypsies throughout ceremonial times of their lives, confirmation, weddings, and festivals. It's GREAT. Things you should know:

Modern gypsies are like old-timey gypsies only they live in trailers (caravans).
Some modern gypsies still rock a huge barrel wagon.
Some gypsies ride their wagons but have their wives drive their cars to them so they can make them dinner.
Some gypsies are loaded. Paddy that's on the show buys a new car every year.
Some gypsies live in houses, I'm still not sure how that works.
Gypsy men make their living by traveling around and doing roofing and pavement work and the like.
Gypsy women stay home and clean, all day long.
Gypsy couples meet at wedding receptions and are strictly chaperoned until they get married.
Gypsy girls don't drink until they're married.
Gypsies tend to marry very young.
Gypsy women have THE BEST style, which is really why you watch the show. Wedding dresses, confirmation dresses, party outfits for toddlers, it's all great!

palm tree bride and friend for bachelorette party
the "royal wedding" episode
"Spanish" inspired dress
bride and her best friend/maid of honor/cousin
a limo is always the wrong choice
gypsy beauty pageant
aaaaaaand the cat dress.

  Season 2 has been running on TLC on Friday nights. My Big Fat AMERICAN Gypsy Wedding starts this Friday. I don't think it'll be as great as the UK version, but you know I'm still going to devour it!


  1. There were some gypsies in my school in Leixlip (40 minutes from Dublin)...I had no idea they were so...intense...

  2. Yeah, except the part where they're braggin' at how intense the scars are on their sides from the weight of the dresses.
    Because having an eighty-pound wedding dress that tries to eat you alive is more important than health-and-safety.

    That being said, I love how openly over-the-top they are. It's pretty fantastic.