Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Fashion!

In honor of General Conference I thought I'd address the #1 fashion topic of the weekend: The MoTab Dresses! A lot has been said about the dresses and none of it is really all that flattering, but come on, you try dressing 200 women! I found a great article about the dresses of the MoTab on their official site. The choir has nine dress styles that are designed to last 20 years! Some of these dresses I haven't been able to find pictures of, assuming they're on their way out. Five volunteers are in charge of everything. When new members come along they have to fit old dresses or make new ones. The dresses may be rather shapeless, but I've never seen a wrinkle or a pucker, so good job ladies! When a new dress is designed 2000 yds of fabric is purchased, using 1,100 yds for the first batch of dresses with the extra for future gowns. It takes the 5 volunteers 5 months to make an entirely new set of dresses. The dresses are floor length so they don't have to provide matching shoes too! I used to be one of the many that disparaged the MoTab dresses, but I have mad respect for them now. They come in fuchsia, blue, cream, raspberry, black, lilac, turquoise, rose, and aqua.

cream, can't remember ever having seen this one
raspberry, I think the newest design, and my favorite.
 I can't find pictures of black and lilac is very small, and I don't know the difference between turquoise and aqua, but I can't find one of them...
the only lilac I could find.
either turquoise or aqua
I vaguely recall rose...

So there you have it, a fasion review of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir dresses, maybe I'll do an entry on ties for the October conference!


  1. So glad you did a post about this! I just asked Roger something about the dresses and he said, "You should read Shelby's latest blog post about it!" It's like you read my mind before I thought it! Awesome job! ;) Oh, and because I'm terrible and commenting, so I probably won't comment again, you should know that I love your posts! You're an excellent writer and I love your humor and thoughts! Hope our paths cross again so we can hang out more! :)

    1. Awe! Thanks Britt! I'm so glad you guys like the blog! I hope we get to see each other again too! I don't even know where you guys are these days! We'll have to facebook.

  2. I think I saw the cream last conference.