Sunday, February 19, 2012

Downton Abbey: Christmas Episode!

200th BLOG POST! How fitting that it's Downton.

I want everything about Mary's hunting ensemble, and just Matthew in general.
:-: I'm not sure why now and not a year ago, but I'm absolutely in love with Dan Stevens.
:-: Blond hair, cherry lips, and swimable dreamy blue eyes.
:-: I called Rosamund's maid and the gold digger from the get go.
:-: I don't care what happens in series three as long as they GET MARRIED FIRST!!!
:-: I couldn't take the entire episode, so elated and ecstatic the whole time.
:-: Oh Thomas, how awful you are when O'Brien tells you you're terrible.
:-: I think Daisy's finally realized she did love William, good for her.
:-: Lavinia used the Ouigi board to say that she's happy for Matthew and Mary.
:-: I kept waiting for something bad to happen, but it never did! Knock on wood even though it's absolutely no good w/ sadistic Julian Fellowes at the helm.
:-: LOVE 20s fashion, sister hates it, she can just shut her mouth.
:-: Edith has redeemed herself enough for me to want her to get married and go away.
:-: Carlyle was a d-bag and an a-hole, glad he's gone. Didn't feel bad for one second.
:-: Hunting clothes, YES.
:-: That Turk is probably the most talked about shortest lived character in television history. "The Turk?!" "Papa, do you remember the Turk?" "It involves a Turk, two dressing gowns, and the footman". Good grief!
:-: Maggie Smith, lest we ever forget, which barring Alzheimer we won't (too soon?), is a boss.
:-: Upset for series three: Granny dies.
:-: I think that series three can redeem series two's bull ride of a plot by the necessity of many new characters after some have died and others have moved on and the fact that the war's over and I really don't think the 20s were all that racey in the UK, but if Shirley McLean is playing Cora's mother then a trip to America has to be in hand.
:-: So help me if Isis was the casualty of this episode I was going to flip a lid!
:-: Actually like Isobel in this episode, for about a second.
:-: Can't tell you how many old timey British trials I've watched. They're always guilty then after like 50 years they're set free, or like a year.
:-: Is it terrible that as soon as I heard Sybil was pregnant I thought "Well there goes your ideals of liberty, equal rights, and freedom."?
:-: Servant's balls are the best things ever.
:-: Do you think that Thomas is really changing? He seems less conniving and like stealing Isis wasn't so easy to think up as it would have been in his earlier more weasely  years.
:-: I'll gladly teach Matthew to shoot.
:-: Matthew and Carlyle rolling off the couch onto each other might be a highlight of my life.


  1. I just finished Downton Abby, and when I pulled open your blog, I was worried that you would have disliked some of the things I loved. Good thing we always have EXACTLY the same opinions on an episode. I was so happy with this ending to the season!