Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Titanic in 3D!

As a reward to myself for getting my display boards done for the comp I'm going to I went to Titanic with my sister and friend. When it first came out I was in 3rd grade and wasn't allowed to see it. I have no memory of wanting to see it, so this was fine. Around middle school it became apparent that everyone my age was finally being allowed to see it so I got permission to watch it at a sleepover if I fast forwarded through the naughty bits. Since then I watch it whenever it's on TV regardless of what time it started. Roommate and I stayed up until 2 one Friday bc we happened upon Titanic at 11:30! I wouldn't say I'm a Titanic fanatic as some are, but I recognize that it's an epic film, it has great costumes, and the characters don't annoy me, so why not watch it?

I was SUPER excited to see it in the theatres though. I'm a big believer in cinema magic. If Gone With the Wind came out to theatre again (which it does in select cities sometimes), I'd be ALL OVER that. I was excited for the huge screen and the remastering and all that jazz, the 3D, not so much. It takes my brain quite awhile to get use to 3D every time I see a 3D movie, and I feel like it doesn't add much to a lot of films.

Things about Titanic in the theatre and in 3D:
:-:Such big costumes! I esp like the yellow dress with all the tawny braid work on the blouse, so great THAT BIG and HD!
:-:For being filmed before HD cameras, the hair pieces really stand the test of time. I know for sure there were at least 3 main character wigs, but I can't tell. If fake facial hair was used I couldn't tell, it was all really high quality even at those sizes!
:-:Make up is always the first to give a film away, and in Titanic's case, it's really just the lips for now. 
:-:The computer generated people when they scan the boat at the beginning of the voyage are really obvious.
:-:The 3D was fine, and not really all that special. It was mostly used to add depth to scenes with groups of people standing and talking. It was kind of annoying when there were blurry objects in the foreground, but we were paying attention to the background. Dangling equipment in the subs comes to mind. Other than that, I took my glasses off often and the screen looked just the same.
:-:Titanic is WAY more traumatic at cinema scale. I like Jack and Rose fine, but I know how that's all going to end so I'm not too terribly invested in them. It's when people start bouncing off propellers etc that I get really worked up. By the last half hour seeing life sized people flying around got to be a little overwhelming.
:-:I'm super happy that I went to Titanic in the theatre bc now I can say that I have seen it all the way through, beginning to end with the naughty bits.

This YouTube parody is THE BEST:

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