Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic: Ep 1&2

Some very quick notes about the first two episodes of Julian Fellowes' Titanic:
how are anyone's hips that narrow?
-I know that's Linus Roache's real accent, but it just seems strange...
-Lady Georgiana is nowhere near as likable as Sybil, and somehow has narrower hips than Mary!
-I think Lady G is just plain annoying.
-Also, Lady G kissing Philadelphia boy is going on the worst kiss list: There was literal sucking happening, like she was sucking at his lower lip, ack.
-The lighting for the first episode sure makes all the wigs and lips look strange.
-I like the way Titanic 1997 handles J.J. Astor and Gugenheim better, somehow this one just seems like it's cramming people in.
-Low budget or design choice to have first class in terrible browns and drabness?
-White Star china, nice touch.
-Stephen Campbell Moore or Victor Garber as Mr. Andrews the ships designer? I like them both.
-Ismay is not the bad guy in this one. Captain Smith is the one making all the demands for speed? Interesting Mr. Fellowes. From interviews I've been listening to this week survivors say neither were to blame.
-This version does mention the Californian which was visible (some say they could see the men aboard her) and less than 10 miles away from Titanic when she hit and started sinking, which is absolutely heartbreaking.
-Don't worry, Officer Lightoller survives, I listened to his interviews.
-Who's the large Italian man that found the Irish engineer's son?
-The nice stewardess w/ the bad hair is Doctor Who's new companion.
-I want the wenchy lady's maid (the lady is wenchy, not the lady's maid) and the valet to get together, but they won't because he's going to die.
-Is there some thievery with the lady's maid?
-They're all going to die, except the ladies, Lightoller, Ismay, and Officer Boxhall (who you don't really know, but he was mentioned, and I listened to his interviews, so he survived).
-There are too many people to follow and I'm not getting attached to many.
-The Mrs. Bates/Toby Jones scenario is such a whirlwind of frustration and not enough back story for me to really care to follow.
-Can Mrs. Bates play anything but the horrible wife?
-You like how I call her Mrs. Bates even though this isn't Downton Abbey?
-Where's Molly Brown?
-The whole "starts sinking at the end of every episode but from a different point of view" is nice in theory, but really rather strange. The first episode seemed to jump straight to Sunday, the second one not so much.
-I still feel like there are 500 people we've been introduced to that we'll have to see the stories off, but there are only two more episodes.

That's it for now. I'll watch the last two episodes tomorrow. Don't you fret! You can watch them too! 

Fantastic BBC archive of Titanic interviews. Officers Lightoller and Boxhall and fashion writer Edith Russell are esp interesting.

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