Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reichenbach postulating

We know that Molly probably helped with the body identification/autopsy.

We know Sherlock probably picked the roof of St. Bart's bc that's where Molly could help and he knew that it would come down to his death.

We know something probably went down when John got hit by the biker.

We know whomever fell from St. Barts was alive, or at least animate bc he was moving in the air, obvs not a dummy.

We know Sherlock was very adamant that John stay far away from Sherlock, exactly at a certain point.

We know the little girl screamed when Sherlock came in.

My guess...A Sherlock look alike was used to kidnap the girl, hence the screaming. Sherlock figured this out, and that Moriarty wanted him to kill himself so he used the look alike in some way (killed him? harsh for Sherlock) in conjunction with the bike collision and John's shock to  confuse and convince John that it was his body, which was of course quickly whisked away to be processed by Molly.

Filming for series 3 won't even start until 2013 when all the Hobbit business has blown over. I guess The Hobbit will have to fill my Cumberbatch/Freeman need.


  1. Wow, Shelby, you've nailed it! Although I figured it was a Sherlock face mask. But a lookalike is about the same. Great series, no?

    1. I also just realized there was that truck that drove away right as everyone crowded Sherlock and he was flailing quite a bit...to land in the truck?

  2. the biker, the biker, i forgot about the biker! and i fell in love a little bit with john in this episode--so loyal! also, some GREAT dialogue lines in the last moments between Sherlock and Moriarty!