Monday, May 21, 2012

Reichenbach Fall

There is litchrally a puddle of tears on my desk, litchrally.

Duh Sherlock didn't die, if you know Sherlock Holmes you know he doesn't actually die at Reichenbach Falls, but it's still so so sad! And John's so loyal.

Really Sherlock? Irene Adler told you she wasn't dead when John asked her to, you can't tell John you're not dead when he asks you to?

But if Moriarty killed himself who can the next great villain be? I should probs read some Sherlock Holmes.

Mycroft had to have helped.

NO! Molly helped! She does matter!...but how did she help? She can give him blood and fake the autopsy and...she had to have done it. Good ol' Molly.

However it went down, stuff happened when John got knocked over by the biker.

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