Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Les Mis trailer thoughts

I'm in it. I don't care if you don't like Anne Hathaway (I'm not a huge fan) or worry about Russell Crowe's singing, I'm in deep and it's going to be great. It'll probably be next Valentine's Day before the daze wears off and I can give you a more fairly studied opinion.

Ok, thoughts about the trailer:

Anne Hathaway's voice: I'm not a fan of original Fantine's voice...don't shoot me! I'm excited for a new take. Also, since this is film she can really play up the nuances of the song through her acting. I like the weak pathetic tone at the beginning. I think it'll be a moving performance all around. Even though she's not a favorite of mine she does shine at times.

Hugh Jackman, if only he'd take me away and raise me in an abbey...LOVE the pulling in the water. Just learned about a week or so ago that there are alternate beginnings between some sort of chain gang and ship workers of sorts.

Amanda Seyfried looks like the perfect Cosette, totally vapid.

RUSSELL CROWE!! russell crowe. RUSSELL CROWE! First time I watched the trailer lost my mind a bit when we see him on a the a uniform. Going wild. Then he comes up all dashing and evil looking when she sings "but the tigers come at night". And then he's in it later running. Ug, I just am SO excited. Still a little worried ab his singing, but like I said, I'm in it!

Lovely Ladies is going to be awesome, I can tell just from the one shot of the whores swinging out of the doorways.

That's Anne Hathaway's real hair getting shaved off.

That's one nice looking barricade.

I'm going to bawl my eyes out during this movie. I'm going to bawl my face out every night I dress it back stage. I'm not really going to be emotionally stable until Valentine's Day so keep that in mind.

I'm excited. I realize I'm not approaching this film from any angle of neutrality. If you read the entries I've posted to this point you can tell I've been slowly deciding to just give in, and I have. This will be amazing!


  1. Yes, simply yes. And so glad Samantha Barks is playing Eponine, she was fantastic in the play.