Wednesday, May 2, 2012

too horrible by half: baby headbands TO THE MAX

I'm back! maybe...for a bit. I'm getting ready to move again and am not sure when I'll get the interwebs once I have moved, so ol' bloggy might still be rather patchy for awhile.

Anyway, awful baby headbands have been a plague to our infants of the female gender for quite some years. Headbands for baby have been around for many a year longer, but what's with the cabbage-sized, baby has its own moon headbands? It's just ridiculous. I have things to say about adult headbands and hair accessories as well, but let's just agree that scale and proportion are essential in choosing or making any accessory or garment we wear. Scale it back people, your baby doesn't yet have the neck strength to hold up her own head, let alone the balance to handle another one strapped to it.

cute baby's a little taken aback by the polar bear ear and crow on her head

when you have to play "where's the baby?" it's gone too far.

baby fascinators, unnecessary.


  1. Hahaha I've heard them called baby satellites

  2. A friend of mine adopted, and a ton of people sent her those--she must have gotten 50. A bunch (if not all of them) were happily donated. That first baby, I totally though the black part was her hair! Crazy sauce.