Sunday, May 27, 2012

waxing bridal for a moment: Maria's wedding dress

 Forgive me while I wax bridal for a moment. As mentioned before I watched The Sound of Music yesterday which of course has my favorite all time wedding dress. I can't get over Maria's dress and I never will. It's in nowise historically accurate for approximately 1938, but I love it anyway. I love late 1950s, early 1960s wedding gowns with fitted bodices and A-line skirts with so much fullness in the back.
so much skirt!
love love love
I will hire a nun to get a shot like this at my wedding
buttons down the back, gathered lower back
such a good sized train
adjusted the color so you can see the buttons and gathered back
While Googling said dress I found Colette Komm's blog. This woman is everything I want to be! She got her fashion degree from Parsons and now designs and makes couture wedding gowns out of NYC. From her sister's wedding I'm assuming she's LDS as it sure looks like a temple wedding. LDS or not this woman creates amazingly special but modest wedding gowns. I have half a mind to save all my pennies to collaborate on my future dress with her. Browsing her site we seem to have a lot in common with our wedding dress goals and ideals and we both had mad crushes on Georg von Trapp. Look at her blog and website, she's an inspiration to anyone that wants a unique and modest gown. I have half a mind to see if I can apprentice with her for a summer. She's also a great renderer and she rightly caught that Kate's wedding dress is more Maria than Princess Grace.


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  1. My wife had a tough time finding matching colored wedding dresses for her bridesmaids.