Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just an update

I've been working full time for the first time in MONTHS! My brain is working so much every day it's hard to come up with blog inspirations, but I'm trying! I don't know that non-sewers understand how much thinking and brain power goes into a stitching job, or any job along the costume construction ladder. There's a lot of thinking. I will say that it's nice to have been doing this enough that I can just have a job handed to me and know what to do.

This morning I took in the sides of some pants, which for non-sewers might sound easy peasey, and easy it is, quick it is not. These pants are lined in tricot and the zero point was the knee so I got to take in the fashion fabric and lining and then the waistband. Also these pants were kind of Frankenstein pants to begin with so it's all easier said than done. And joy of joys I have yet to finish the other little notes and  I have to redo the hem which wasn't noticed during the fitting. This is what I use my brain juice for. I have gotten a lot of podcasts listened to, which I might blog about later.

My big accomplishment of the week thus far has been learning how to put a new vest back on a vest. The first one I did took about 2 days, the second took half a day. I'm getting so fast they're solving another vest problem by just putting a new back on bc I can whip that out in about 4 or 5 hours now. It's an exciting new skill and I might draw some visual aids and post the technique because it's a miracle! Easy yes, quick no. That's basically how sewing goes.

Overall the build is going very well (knock wood). In case you didn't know I'm on the Les Mis team at USF and a week in we've fit over half the 30 some odd cast, probably because the day we started work our designer and draper were already in a fitting with Javert. We've also got a 6 stitcher team which is such a luxury, and the other teams don't have enough for their stitchers to do yet so at one point we had 12 stitchers on our team. What joy is ours!

A long wordy post that was mostly for my sanity's sake, but that's my life recently. Envy me? You should, I create everyday and work with fantastic people that bake and bring in candy!


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