Friday, January 25, 2013

Merlot/Lace mock up

I've been working all week on getting the pattern right for my merlot and lace dress. I don't have all the appropriate facilities or personnel and it's a beast. I draped it on a new form so that is an adventure, it has a Peter Pan collar to change whenever I change the neckline or shoulders, the absence of half the shoulder because of the open back is fun, and I discovered I have a forward right arm joint. I did a full mock up minus sleeves, then a bodice #2, then a bodice #3 with sleeves. I'd post pictures of the mock ups on me, but my garments are all over the place so ya'll get to see bodice #3 on the form.

I promise it looks much better on my crooked body. Real drapers probably wouldn't need three mock ups, but with my craziness and the open back and the collar etc. I want to get this right. Also, my life would be so much easier if I didn't have to worry about sleeves, which I will be changing to gusseted sleeves bc even though, as Jack has reminded me, I'm not an actor and won't be doing cart-wheels on stage, I hate not being able to move my arms.

Mock ups are so nice because you just draw all over them and chop them out. Now I have to be all careful about my marking blah blah blah, and the fabric is kind of squirrely.  I still have 5.5 weeks (eeeeee!!!) to get this done, but it's going to take some brain power. I better get started. Best case scenario I finish it early and it sits waiting for its debut. I won't wear it before New York. It needs a proper city introduction. 

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