Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I guess I didn't make any resolutions for 2012. I planned to, I have a journal entry saying "I'll write resolutions tomorrow" but I didn't, ever. Usually I write a journal entry reviewing the previous year's resolutions and make new ones. I don't have that this year, lame. My bad.

Looking at past years is encouraging and hilarious. I actually exercised this year which was a resolution for 2011 that I failed. I made another resolution for 2011 that I didn't accomplish until this year. Better late than never? I remember thinking that if I could get married in 2010 I'd've been 21 which I thought was a good age and 2010 is a good year for easy anniversary math. Obvs that didn't happen and I can't tell you how relieved I am by that! No relationship resolutions will I make for this year. They don't work and I'm not a big believer in setting myself up for failure.

I will also not make any new resolutions about the number of dresses or projects I want to accomplish and when. I always do this and it never works. I complete what I complete and am happy bc I didn't kill myself over it.

What else can I not make resolutions about?

My actual resolutions that I'm choosing to share with y'all:

-Read The Lord of the Rings books. That's pretty easy right? A whole year for 4 books is not hard, but I never finished Little Women this summer so...
-Try to go to grad school in the fall. Yes, try. If my current plan doesn't turn out to be the right plan then I reserve the right to not go to grad school and move to New York or Boston or some such place.
-Exercise. No specifics for this one. Hopefully I will find a way to be active before I join the gym again in Cedar, and will hopefully find a way to keep it up after I leave Cedar. I have no specific exercise goal, I just know that I'm firmer, happier, more energetic, have less head aches, am less stressed,  and have better skin when I exercise.
-Rock USF this summer. I'ma kill it. Take it how you will, but I'ma murder my third season.
-Complete the three dresses I said I'd make thus far: Striped dress, Merlot and Lace, and OND'13.
-Get real good at selling wedding dresses real fast. This if just for the beginning of the year. I know goals are supposed to be specific and blah blah, but I'm not exactly sure what's realistic and how that's measured right now.
-Make new friends, and keep the old. Cheeseballs yes, but I realized more than ever this year, especially since I'm not in a permanent place in my life, that my friends are very important to me and I want to keep them. I also made amazing new friends this year and believe you can never have too many. Will I be bestie best friends with everyone? No, but I can collect more people I like being around and that like being around me.
-Obviously this was the best year for my blog as it was the first year I regularly wrote. I will have on and off times for this little beauty, but I resolve to give all my faithful visitors something to read or see. It does take me quite some time to compose the more substantial, and usually more popular entries, so be patient! You've all been wonderful thus far.
-Learn one song on the ukulele.
-Don't be dumb.

Now, I want to know, what was your favorite entry/entries from 2012?

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  1. I'm taking "favorite" to mean "most memorable," so I'm going to have to say your post about the Christmas cards. Either that or whichever of your posts I read when I decided to follow. Because if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have followed.