Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Oh 2012.

2012 was unlike any year of my life. It was sweet, it was bitter, it had highs it had lows. I guess you can say that about most years, but this one was especially prolific in life experiences.

January I met and got to know an amazing group of performers and artists with the USF Education Tour.
February I competed at KCACTF Regionals and got to spend some quality time with my BYU friends and lived with my sister Ashley.
March was a month of travel. I went home for a time, and to Boise and caught up with the dear dear VDGs.
April I went to DC for KCACTF Nationals and won a prize and met amazing peers and saw the town with bestie Sarah and had quality time with sister Whitney.
May I moved back to Cedar and had a great build for Les Mis. I learned how to whip out a vest back, I got reacquainted with costumers from last year and made them my good friends. May was all about the costume shop.
June was much like May, except at the end I met the amazing actors I would work with for the summer and fall.
July was one of my favorite months. The Festival cools down once the builds are over and the shows are up and you really get to know people. I had the immense pleasure of getting to know the Scapin cast in July and will cherish my time with them always.
August was strange as the shows continued but the work doubled as build started and personal challenges came to a head. August darkened as the wonderful Summer company neared the end of its sojourn with us. It was the best, and worst of times for this year.
September was an odd month. I felt the loss of the Summer company deeply and the oddity of only running Les Mis while still building for fall. September was great however because with the loss of the Summer friends I really got to know my Les Mis cast and stronger bonds were formed.
October was lovely. I ran Stones and Les Mis and while the contract was coming to an end it certainly was starting to feel like it was time to move on.
November. Oh November. November was a stand still. I was home but waiting to go to Korea. Korea was a life experience I will love forever. I had wonderful experiences and met lovely people I now consider friends. After Korea I got into a rather nasty funk as I started to miss USF bad, and realized I was living in Nebraska for five months while it seemed like so many of my friends were onto much bigger and better things. The job hunt was also not going well.
December started much the same as November, but I eventually got a job and started making friends at church and things are moving in better directions. A friend coming through town, having Caitlin around for Christmas, and my bestie being home for the holidays has really picked me up.

So that was 2012. Sometimes lovely, sometimes rather bleak, always a learning experience. I'm still formulating what I hope to get from 2013 so that'll come later. 

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