Sunday, January 13, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:2

Great article about the girls' wedding dresses, and $200,000 tiara!
:::Mary is SUCH a pill! I think she's forgotten lame, barfy Matthew on his deathbed too quickly.
:::Oh Thomas. What a life you have lead/are leading. Of the all the characters over these 8/9 years I think he and O'Brien are the only ones that actually look like they've aged it. Maybe Mrs. Hughes, but she just up and got sick so it looks like it now.
:::Those hairs are shellacked.
:::Sneaky sneaky Carson. He's had his sneaky footman days I'm sure.
:::I think the gentlemen's makeup is a bit heavy handed lately. Sir Antony looks rather a doll.
:::And why can't Sir Antony keep his hand in his pocket or something? It's so bizarre all strung up that high and in a black sling. He didn't use to have it that way right after the war did he?
:::Dear Isobel, the prostitutes don't care.
:::All prostitutes have frizzy hair. Even Ethel after her client left had the frizzy hair, like they do it up special.
:::Matthew in his grey suit with blue shirt and tie. Perhaps the best ensemble he's every worn? Besides the uniforms?
:::Oh Season 3, you keep tempting us with Robert's slow unbuttoning and losing his shirts. Just release a steamy Lord Grantham calendar and be done with it!
:::The Swires have been ever so helpful and convenient through all of this!
:::All of the hats!
:::I will be Edith. I will find some very old man to devote my life to.
:::When I have all of the wedding things on I will run up and down stairs to billow so nicely.
:::Dear Edith: If your heart really did break that badly there should be less noise and more drooling. Try some hyperventilating, reducing yourself to a crumpled mass on the floor, and when you do start being able to make noise, ensure it's gaspy and/or dragon-like. Just me?
:::I loved the manshake between Matthew and Lord Grantham after they struck their deal. Oh no, hands were not enough, shoulders must be clasped as well.
:::I just think O'Brien or Thomas will just stab the other with a pen knife one of these days.
:::Why does Daisy like Alfred? Sure, he's ginger, whatever, but they seem to have no interaction other than she asking him about being "modern" and "outspoken". You missed the boat with William, Daisy, time to look outside the kitchen for love. Footmen won't do you any good.
:::All of the amazing 20s fashions. woof.
:::FYI: Alfred is 6'4". I know you were wondering.


  1. I love to hate Mary and hate to love her. And then I want to be her. Excellent commentary!

  2. I actually was really frustrated with Matthew this episode. He sure is pretty, but goodness. When he accused Mary of forging that letter—so ridiculous. I get where he is coming from, but he sure was pouting his way through the hour. I think the honeymoon feelings have worn off for both of them. Sigh.