Sunday, January 27, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:4

I feel bad writing anything this week, but you'll see that when the comments kind of just stop.

:::Ivy is the new Daisy. Daisy is the new Mrs. Patmoore. Mrs. Patmoore is nicetimes?
:::Breakfasting in bed is awkward.
:::Sybil's hair is a disaster (sorry! I wrote it before she went into labor!)
:::Isobel. Martha doesn't know why I dislike Isobel and I was trying to examine my aversion to her this episode. While she has sometimes, and a lot of the times been right in the causes of her selfrighteousness she rarely thinks through what she's trying to do, and almost never thinks about the feelings of others involved. Yes, she loves charity and helping, but when she wanted to keep Downton as a hospital did she think about how the family felt? They of course didn't feel the way she did, but if she would just stop to think about someone else's side she might not come off so horrible to me. The same thing happened last episode when she refused to at least humor Ethel about giving Charlie up. Mrs. Hughs was very right in consoling Ethel. Isobel was very little help because she didn't feel that Ethel had done the right thing, and refused to concede any type of support in the matter, even though that's her schpiel. Now she's hired Ethel, bc Ethel needs a job, without thinking it through. Mr. Carson's opinion about the feelings of society towards Ethel might not be just, but they are true. Mrs. Hugh's recognizing that Ethel is not suited for the job is also something that Isobel ignored considering when she hired her. So I guess my beef with Isobel is her holierthanthou attitude that disregards the feelings and attitudes of those she's being holierthan.
:::Matthew's eyes are very very blue in the breakfast room.
:::Oh hey, Timothy Piggot-Smith.
:::"Let me just change out of my tux and deliver a baby. Oh wait, no, I'll just take off my coat and roll up my sleeves."
:::Jimmy's got a nice stink face, I'll give him that.
:::Don't let Sybil sleep!!!!

And that's when I started to weep softly and for a long time. We all know that this family is super dysfunctional and now the only rational character (ok, rational is debatable) is gone. It's all going to fall apart as a moral that "reality" is not all cupcakes and roses. Matthew and Mary are going to divorce. Bates is never going to get out. Mrs. Hughs is going to die of undiagnosed cancer. Everything will be terrible.

:::Also, don't feed the baby honey. That's a super bad idea.

and Maggie Smith is a goddess. 


  1. I must read these reviews more often. Also, dear lord, Mary, what do you still have against Edith? She got left at the alter and your sister died; she wonders about the possibility of an olive branch and you shoot it down over the corpse of Sybil. Boo.

  2. Not a "reality" 20th century soap! I so fear you are right. We'll all have to go back to Jane Austen.