Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Catch A Wedding Bouquet

1) Be tall.
2) Wear heels. Being about 6'2" is ideal when all is said and done.
3) Go to the back. Most brides are worried they won't throw it hard enough and so over compensate and send the flowers sailing over all the anxiously awaiting single lasses. Usually just being tall and in the back is going to clinch it for ya.
4) Don't want to catch it. I've caught 4 or 5, or 6? After the second I was over it, but they kept coming. At this point I try not to participate but inevitably get shoved into the group, and put in the back bc the shorter girls figure that's a handicap. See #3.
5) Snatch it. Just reach up and get it. It's there, it's coming right at you, no one else has a chance. Just take it.
6) Pose with the bride.

The end.

I've caught almost every bouquet since puberty and am pretty sure all the girls that didn't catch it at all of those weddings are married by now, so obviously it works wonders :P


  1. It means that your wedding is going to be the bomb-diggity.

  2. I caught Caitlin's, and it was purely accidental.
    I didn't want to go, but was pressured into it. I figured if I stood in the back, it'd be okay. I even put my hand up so as not to ruin the picture.
    She totally #3'd it. Glad it was over, I turned around and saw something on the floor. Without thinking anything of it, I reached down to pick it up and it wasn't until my hand was on it that I realized it was the boquet. I had one of those movie-pause moments of dread as I stood up and put the smile on my face because the only thing worse than losing a boquet toss you wanted to win is losing it to someone who didn't really want it in the first place.