Sunday, January 20, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:3

:::Bates doesn't need his cane anymore! Watson.
:::Whenever Isobel says "Sorry to push in" she's sorry she's not sorry.
:::OMG, Matthew, you can't just ask someone why they're not breakfasting in bed!
:::I breakfast in bed when I get married?
:::Seriously, Thomas is giving off the thickest serial killer vibe recently...
:::New footman, not handsome. Weird looking. Baby face with cheekbones makes for some weird old/young weird weird weirdo face. I guess he's 1920s handsome? I'd take Douglas Fairbanks any day.
:::NO touching, Thomas! You'd think he'd know by know that his gaydar is broken.
:::Lots of weird pauses and glances with the Isobel/Ethel interactions. My money's on Isobel having been a prostitute, got preggers with Matthew, married his dad then BAM! then somehow her life turned out fine? BUT Matthew's not a Crawley and can't inherit! Oh no! But yeah...that whole thing was filmed very strange. I hate Isobel. She's such a Harriet Jones recently.
:::Oh LOOK! Now everyone knows Branson is a giant douchebag, even Sybil (Please Sybil, tell me you've figured it out by now).
:::I realized that letter writing will never completely die out bc prisoners only write letters right? Or do they even have email these days?
:::Dear Alfred, Idk how I feel about you still. Idk how I feel about Daisy liking you. Idk how I feel about you hitting on Ivy from the get go. You are a puzzle to me. I do know I love your ginger hair and your height, but you really do look like a kicked puppy.
:::I vote Matthew and Mary are going to divorce or something catastrophic is going to happen. They make very little effort to see each other's points of view and/or work together in any way. Why did they get married? Why do they love each other? Why did they ever like each other? I seem to remember some amount of unadulterated jealousy turning into an inexplicable dining room make-out. I'm not knocking the choice of make-out local, but I'm really starting to wonder if the wool's been pulled over our eyes for two and a half seasons and these two are actually a terrible terrible couple.
:::Mrs. Hughs can make me all the toast. 

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  1. Dude, I've always hated Mary and thought Matthew shouldn't marry her. She's a terrible person. Additionally she is just like her father--hanging on to old times and refusing/not seeing any reason to change. And I think the discord will be that Mary is barren. You heard it here first.

    I thought Isobel was best dressed this episode with her blue cardigan and her smart evening get up. But Edith did have that amazing suit this week. And I don't understand why you "hate" her. She's not my favorite ever, but hate?

    I also think that either Thomas or O'Brien will kill the other with a blunt object.