Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton Abbey 3:1

Where to begin?! Kind of surreal to be watching new Downton!  and on a real TV too! Two hours is quite a lot to respond to! I thought about writing notes as I went, but that's like only looking through your viewfinder at the Eiffel Tower.
the turbans, feathers, and fur were astounding. 
:::Still dislike cousin Isobel.
:::Still love cousin Violet.
:::Alfred is so tall!
:::You can tell Shirley MacLaine's maid is British. Note to American accent attempters: Learn to say your R's, then pull back!
:::Poor Brendan Coyle has to film in that jail all the time!
:::Thomas and O'Brien's relationship has been more of a roller coaster than any other pair in the whole series I think. Disagree, I dare you.
:::Branson is still a twerp. Wah wah wah, I'm Irish. You might not like your in-laws, but at least be polite.
:::SO glad the visiting duke or whomever got so mad at his son for roofy-ing Branson. One of the highlights of the episode.
:::Teared up when Mary came down in her wedding gown, almost as much as when Kate Middleton got out of her town car. I'm such a cry baby about wedding dresses.
:::YES! They got married! And now Mary can ruin everything by being a pill! I get her side, I get his side. I don't know whom I side with, but I'm usually on Matthew's side.
:::Dan Stevens gained back any weight he took off for season 2, schade. And I was getting so accustomed to his jawline.
:::At first before we knew they'd lost all the money I thought Lord Grantham was still mixed up in that nasty maid affair. BOO!
:::Isis (the dog) is such a great character.
:::Matthew needs a haircut. Is it just me, or has he reverted back to the season one doughy/disheveled Matthew?
:::I don't know what I think of Alfred. I want him to get along well, but I don't like the American maid, so does that mean I don't like that they're together? I dunno, haven't decided...but Shirley's leaving so maid will be gone soon.
:::I don't know what I want for Daisy.
:::I'm not sure how I feel about a lot of things from this episode. I think I'll get more and more upset at Mary for harping on Matthew. I think that ginger maid from last season is going to upset me. I think Bates might get in trouble with his cellmate. Finally showing some guts.
:::So many pretty 1920s things.
:::Just let Edith get married and be done with it! Gutsy though to have all the youngsters married.
:::I can't put my finger on what's still missing from these episodes that series one had, and I don't know if we'll get it back. It might just be the loveliness of a new world that is now familiar. Perhaps a move away from the big house will be something like a new world.
:::Please please please make all the handsome well dressed men hold Sybil's baby when it comes!

And with that, I just want to put a plug in for the "Secrets of Great British Homes" or something like's a series they're showing the hour before Downton about the great houses of Great Britain and their "secrets". Of course the premiere was Highclere Castle which was very interesting. Hampton Court and Chatsworth will be featured. I'm excited!

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  1. How did you get this written up so quickly? You must have been taking notes while watching. I agree with all of your comments. Let me just add that Daisy has never known what was good for her and I'm done with her. AND I just don't understand how Cora and Lord Grantham can NOT know that Thomas is unpopular downstairs and that O'Brien is a baby killer. I'm sure that Shirley sniffed that out the minute she walked into the castle.