Wednesday, March 7, 2012

After White Christmas

While sitting through one of the many many rehearsals for White Christmas this past winter friend Janell and I started discussing the epilogue to classic musicals. Trust me, I absolutely buy into the magic of musicals and love to believe everything the characters say, however, it is extremely entertaining to think about our favorite characters after the curtain. Of course we came up our story to after White Christmas first.

Story of White Christmas the stage musical:
Bob and Phil, an entertainment duo spend the holidays at an inn in Vermont owned by their old general. Also there are the Sisters Haynes, Betty and Judy. Bob and Betty have a love/hate kind of a thing, but fall in love and end up together. Phil is a philanderer, but Judy pretty much bulldozes him into an engagement and they end up together. General Waverly ends up with his housekeeper Martha, and his granddaughter, Suzy is ten years old and an aspiring performer. Ezekiel Foster is the custodian.
Betty, Bob, Phil, Judy


Bob and Betty work out. They of course have terrible communications skills at first, but work through it. After having their first kid Betty gives up the bizz. Bob becomes a director and producer after he and Phil break up. They own houses in NYC, LA, and the Hamptons. Their oldest son is a Broadway producer.  Their twin daughters own a successful interior design firm in NYC and their youngest son is about to write the next big musical.

Phil and Judy don't make it. They do get married, but having been basically tricked into the marriage, and being a ladies' man at heart Phil doesn't have it in him to make it work. He and Bob stay together until the late 1950s when the Rat Pack really takes off and they get pushed aside for TV and film groups. Phil kind of spirals but eventually gets his act together and becomes a mattress salesman or some such. After the divorce Judy gets a gig on the West End and becomes the second or third wife of a Duke or an Earl.

Waverly and Martha keep on keepin' on and the inn thrives. After Waverly's death in the late 60s Martha lives another ten years or so and the inn is bought my a nice middle-aged couple.

Suzy, being from Southern California, gets really into the 60s and goes off the deep end. She reappears in the mid 70s having miraculously not lost her looks or talent and has a rather successful career in Chicago theatre.

Ezekiel Foster stays with the inn. After his death his funeral is surprisingly attended by over 500 people.

Some of it is rather bleak, but imagine coming up with these endings in the dark during your sixth dress rehearsal, HILARIOUS! Don't worry, The Music Man is on its way!

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