Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sexy Sunday: March edition

It's been awhile. All my Sundays are sexy, but frankly I'm not into taking posey pictures of myself and getting other people to take them makes me feel awkward and I'm so tall it's hard to fit me in a normal camera frame in a flattering manner. Even photographers at shoots I've done have had a hard time.

Anydoctorwho, here's what I looked like for church today. I went home after the first hour bc I'm sick, so if I look a little down in the mouth, that's why.

Gold earrings: Target
Blouse: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: made by me
Golden Fly Bracelet (so Egyptian!): Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West

Those are my new shoes! Well, the blouse and earrings are too, and I've worn the earrings everyday since I got them, but those are my new Nine West leather pumps and I love them. I always think of Mae West when I see Nine West, so in my mind it's kind of slutty but alluring brand.

For those of you in the know, yes I am visiting my 'rents in Nebraska and yes, those are baby pictures of my older sisters behind me. My photo's just behind my torso, which is a shame bc I was the most beautiful baby ever, true story, my nurse said so.

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  1. Penelope loves the babies on mom's walls! You should have listed the baby photos as accessories to your outfit! Ashley's black and white dog (bottom left): photo prop. Logan's teddy bear and hand--barely showing(bottom right): priceless