Thursday, March 29, 2012

trendi: nail art

About five or so years ago I noticed jewel-toned nails in Vogue. There was no sparkle, just high gloss dark nailed perfection. Then the colors got a little more varied, then we moved into some sparkles, then a few fun ideas started popping up and all hell broke loose.

first we started out with nice, high gloss, no nonsense colors, which I like and prefer still.
OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
Then the colors started to get a little more varied, which is fine and which I like for the occasional manicure.
OPI Don't Mess with OPI 
Then some sparkle came back, which is fine.
OPI Black Berry Chutney

And then someone figured out how to marble their nails. This is cool, and while I'd never take the time to do it, it's great. When I first saw this on a friend I lost my mind. Very unique and clever.

And then Pinterest happened and all hell broke loose...

These are awesome, but a waste of time...
 No adult should do this....
yes, cows.
then there are the different nails with themes...
Sponge Bob
And nails that need to be seen together to make the whole picture...
Hungry Hungry...
I've seen Cookie Monster, Totoro, pandas, Star Bucks, rubber duckies, TMNT, Pac Man, even The Shining! and all sorts of crazy French manicures...
actually love most of these...
So my verdict? If you're in middle school, or don't have a serious adult job and have the time and/or money to spend on these ridiculous nails then by all means do! and contribute to the archive of crazy trends in the world. The themes of these nails are love it or hate it I think. I prefer a solid color myself, esp in a nude, and if I were going to do something special it'd be along the lines of something Art Deco or there abouts, but I'm rather conservative when it comes to things that last a week at most and don't believe in acrylic nails.

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